The Via Nona Story

Our founder and creator, Toni, came to Malibu several years ago to be closer to her grandchildren. Doing their best to say her name, "Toni", they began to call her "Noni", and it stuck.

As her ring line evolved into a business and we began looking for a name for it, we ran across one of three sister Goddesses in ancient Rome, named Nona. Nona spun out the thread of life at the birth of every child, and wove the fabric of their destiny.

That just struck a chord with Toni, capturing the passion she has for the rings she weaves, and her love for creating new patterns and designs that resonate with her customers. Like them, each of her rings is unique, woven by hand to capture symbols and colors that reflect the preciousness of our lives and world.

We hope that, as we aspire to do each day, you can embrace the path that has brought you to this moment of your life, with Via Nona - and with Noni’s unique way of creating rings to cherish!